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Satellite Imagery AI

AI and ML algorithms can generate positively disruptive results, especially in the field of satellite remote sensing and video from UAVs. From crop yield and harvest monitoring of agricultural fields, counting cars at parking lots, oil storage inventory volumes, satellite imagery can provide valuable inputs for AI and ML models. We also specialize in building custom models for extracting specific features from satellite imagery that are of non-standard specification or from a very large dataset.

Street Imagery AI

Mappls AI is designed to take vehicle dashcam imagery or other street imagery and automatically identify street lane markings, street signage, intersections, trees, pedestrians etc. We can also build custom models to identify specific features from a very large input imagery dataset of varying depth and quality.

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Point Cloud AI

Mappls provides sophisticated algorithms to help ’see the world around you’ by integrating AI/ML tech to produce D3V, annotated point clouds, texture and terrain maps using inputs from Lidar, imagery, GPS, radar, etc. This enables organizations that are building HD maps to quickly produce annotated point clouds without the need to build highly skilled in-house expertise and to better achieve their goals of building autonomous machines and systems.

Maps & Location AI

With its rich experience in map production and technology gained from MapmyIndia, Mappls now provides industry-standard API and Cloud products for the world. Mappls software and API suite provide capabilities to render all types of data, including OpenStreetMap (OSM) format and other popular data formats or third party data sets. The data and maps are hosted on the cloud and assist in rapid search, routing, and display functions.

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Geo Intelligence AI

Mappls has the expertise to combine a variety of geospatial datasets that includes consumer mobility data, vehicular traffic, and location data. These data sets are used in complex data science models to generate insights that can be used to link business data with geographic locations.

Mobility AI

Always stay connected with mobile devices, fleet, and drivers regardless of the size of the fleet. Telematics platforms by Mappls powers fleet management applications for enterprise, government, and commercial customers by integrating comprehensive vehicle data and supporting analytics. To ensure driver safety, the location of the individual vehicles are reported continuously, ensuring smooth operations and cost reduction.

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About Mappls

Providing AI/ ML based geospatial data services using an AI + Human approach to achieve maximum data accuracy.

Mappls is a venture of MapmyIndia, a company with over 25 years of technological innovation and leadership in mapping technologies offering feature-rich 2D & 3D map datasets for the world. With an engineering strength of 1000+ employees, MapmyIndia works with leading brands like Apple and Amazon, and is backed by marquee investors that include Qualcomm and Zenrin.

At Mappls, our innovative Computer Vision technology and AI/ML stack generate highly detailed and extremely accurate mapping data, accessible via APIs or through end-user applications for government entities, enterprise clients, and developers.

The Mappls platform leverages imagery and video for building real time maps, thereby enabling an immersive experience for the end-user.


High precision annotation on demand, for businesses using a sophisticated combination of machine + man for reliability.
The product uses a variety of datasets with adherence to
approved quality standards and timely deliveries as defined
in the Service-Level Agreements (SLAs). We support a wide range of computer vision annotations for different use-cases that include:
Turnkey AI Projects
Mappls can design custom end-to-end workflows
specific to customer use-cases, including:
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